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I dragon, an international publisher system, consists of three journals, known as Idiscovery, Imedicine, Ibrain. We pursue to publish novel ideas, technologies, and findings from broad sense in Idiscovery; introduce valuable medical science in Imedicine; and uncover intricate brain mystery in Ibrain. Original article, Methodology, Review and Others would be launched in each journal. We aim to provide a series of international communication platform for authors to report scientific discovery, medical care and health study, as well as study for brain function and information.
is an open access journal that focused on innovatively scientific research, even lack of strong datasets to support. The goal of this journal is to foster communication for novel discovery, findings, technologies and ideas, so a broad scope is provided to publish. However, it does not mean we will ignore the rigor of the methodology and the logic of conclusions. The journal’s publication criteria are based on the novelty of the ideas and rationality of the methodology and data.
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an comprehensive and international English journal, is aimed to cover the new findings and new achievements in medical research and clinical practice. The fields of the Journal is focused on Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Translational Medicine, Forensic Medicine, and Health Care Management, etc. Articles, short reports, technical methods, comments and reviews, case reports are expected. We hope to provide a communication platform about advanced academic and clinical experience for medical researchers, scientists and clinical doctors. We sincerely welcome your submissions as an author, or review as a reviewer.
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is an international open access journal that focused on the molecular mechanism study of cognition, behavior and mental processes, especially the molecular mechanism of abnormal appearance in injured brain regions or nerve system as recorded by functional neuroimaging techniques. The goal of this journal is to foster combination for Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Pathergasiology and Ethology, so a broad scope involving in any novelty molecular mechanism study of normal or abnormal cognition, behavior, mental processes is provided to publish. For it difficultly to find out an intact molecular mechanism, even the results only explained a novelty molecular mechanism of a single modification in cognition, behavior and mental processes could also be published in this journal. The journal’s publication criteria are based on the novelty of the molecular mechanism and rationality of the methodology and data.
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