The blood pressure changes with
The blood pressure changes with the internal and external environment in a certain range. In the whole population, the blood pressure levels gradually increased with age, the systolic blood pressure was more obvious, but diastolic blood pressure showed a downward trend after the age of 50, and the pulse pressure increased. In recent years, the role of multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease, as well as the heart, brain, kidney target organ protection awareness has been deepening, the diagnostic criteria for hypertension is also constantly adjusted, at present the same blood pressure level of patients with cardiovascular risk is different, so there is a concept of blood pressure stratification, that is, the risk of cardiovascular disease patients, suitable blood pressure levels should be different. On the basis of the reference standard, the doctor in the face of the patient, according to the specific circumstances of the patient to determine the most suitable blood pressure range, the use of targeted treatment measures.
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